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My Vim Configuration

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I’ve been using Vim for a while.

My love for it started when I started investing time poking around .vimrc files lying inside the hundreds of dotfiles GitHub repositories.

For each .vimrc I read, I paused to read the :help of every Vim option or command I didn’t know yet. Or I studied the details of every ingenious mapping I couldn’t decipher at a glance.

As @DanielMiessler puts it:

I feel about Vim like many feel about surfing. You really feel like you master it, but that’s not really the point. The point is to get intimate with it, to never stop learning, and to accept its vastness. Let it swallow you up, and be thankful for what you do know about it while you’re constantly learning more.

I’ve been sharing this Vim configuration with my coworkers for about a year with great success. It comes in two flavors:

  • vanilla: a self-contained .vimrc configuration file.
  • heavenly: everything present in vanilla + many plugins.

Plugin management is based on Tim Pope’s pathogen.

Feel free to have a look in my GitHub repository.