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Here, I Rewrote My Self Contained Tmux Configuration

4 years ago, I discovered tmux and started sharing my own tmux configuration. Since then, the repository collected around 1100 GitHub stars and is currently cloned from ~200 to ~300 times per week, which makes it my most praised contribution to the open source world.

When I began writing that configuration, I had two goals:

  • craft a fast and enjoyable tmux experience
  • make it self-contained hence easy to copy around

During the past 6 months, the GitHub repository hasn’t moved. And in fact, one could even consider the project is finished.

However, during that time, I have started rewriting it patiently, trying to answer open questions:

  • how can I make it more flexible?
  • how can I let people choose colors?
  • how can I let people rearrange the status line at will?
  • can I make it aware of SSH connections to remote servers?
  • can I make splitting a pane running an SSH connection automatically connect to the same host?
  • can I make it aware of current user and warn if root?

Well, the time has come to share this rewrite with you. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Screencast - Here, I rewrote my tmux configuration